Adding value to your business. 

The most sure-fire way to succeed in life, is to follow your passion.  For Sam Harrop, that passion is business and being able to get businesses working smarter, more efficiently and more successfully.

With over 20 years of highly successful business entrepreneurship both in Australia and overseas, Sam is eager to share how he achieved business success and how he has assisted businesses of all sizes to reinvigorate their operations and get things done.

Business success is not accidental.
It is planned.  It is strategized.  It is directed.

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Sam Harrop has the knowledge, tools and experience to assist businesses of any size to thrive because profitable, independent businesses are worth more.

Sam helps business owners and teams to dramatically increase productivity, make more money and enjoy life.  By increasing the value of businesses by making them profitable ad less dependent on their owners, Sam is empowering business owners to be able to make informed decisions about the direction of their businesses and what they ultimately want for themselves and their families.

Sam is passionate about guiding clients to discover what their businesses need to increase revenue and profitability, attract and keep customers, and create independent businesses that are not dependent on the owners for their very existence.  Sam has proven techniques that he shares with clients to take them from ‘chaos to control’.

Sam Harrop is a published author, entertaining professional speaker and experienced trainer as well as being a business consultant. 

He continues to provide 1:1 business consulting whilst also delivering team training, presenting inspirational (and aspirational) key note speeches and sharing his knowledge through his two books; ‘Getting Stuff Done – how to procrastinate less and achieve more’ and ‘Small Business Big Exit’ (with Stuart Goodfellow).

Sam is an incredible resource for any business owner seeking to take back control of their business and achieve ongoing success.  

Contact Sam on 0438 610 118 to discuss how he can make positive difference to your business.


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