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Sam Harrop?

Sam Harrop isn’t just any business coach; he’s a dynamo in the world of tradies and builders right here in NQ.

Sam founded Business Maximizer Coaching to transform communities by building strong profitable businesses.

With a 25-year journey of entrepreneurial triumphs, Sam’s own ventures stand as testaments to his prowess. But it doesn’t stop there. Having catalysed breakthroughs for over 600 businesses, his impact resonates through a legacy of unparalleled results as a tradie coach.

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Enter the Game-Changer

An Unmatched Opportunity for Tradies

The Ultimate Tradie Business Transformation Program is crafted from Sam’s deep well of expertise, unwavering passion, and proven strategies in working with tradies.

This signature program is your rocket fuel to swift, seismic success. Ready to join the ranks of high-flyers? Sam Harrop is your launchpad.

200% ROI Guaranteed (no really!)

We promise to double your coaching investment in profit within a year. If not, we coach for free until you do.

How Business Maximiser Coaching Can Help

Sam has tailored this program just for tradies. We speak your language and understand the nuts and bolts of your business.

We have on-the-ground experience so we can leverage our insights specific to the local market here in North Queensland.

Our local network of expert businesses offers wide support so you can access a strong mix of cross-trade expertise for all-around business support. We know marketers, lawyers, IT professionals, bookkeepers who have extensive tradie experience.


Attract high quality jobs and say goodbye to low-profit projects.


Have work-life balance and reclaim your time.


Boost profits not just revenue, your take-home profits!

Give Yourself the Best Chance of Dominating Your Industry

Sam has worked with tradies exclusively in Cairns, Townsville & Port Douglas and knows what it takes a tradie business in North Queensland to be at the top of your industry.

Imagine your business where this is the support you get…

Rapid Results Action Game Plan

Kickstart your journey with a one-on-one session within the first 14 days to develop a game plan tailored to your business goals.

Massive Action Days

3 powerful full-day workshops in February, June, and October, designed for in-depth strategy development and practical planning with like-minded tradies.

Weekly Momentum Calls

Dynamic weekly group calls for continuous learning, sharing insights, and getting real-time answers to your questions.

Unlimited Resource Access

Full access to our exclusive members’ website, loaded with a comprehensive collection of templates, training videos, and resources for ongoing business support.

Quick Call Support

For urgent or sensitive issues, our ‘Quick Call’ option for immediate, tailored guidance on specific business challenges.

Focused One on One Coaching Calls

Personalised coaching sessions for specific advice and discussions on unique business challenges or confidential matters.

Monthly Group Accountability Pods

You have the option of joining a carefully selected group of up to 4 other members, ensuring a rich and collaborative coaching environment.

Community of Proactive Leaders

Join our community where we fire each other up, embrace responsibility, celebrate wins, treasure expertise, cultivate positive environments, and recognise the power of collective genius.

Our Success Stories

Alkira Construction

“We’ve really gained a lot of confidence in making the right decisions in our business & doubled the team since working with Sam.”

John & Claire Alkira

Custom Bathroom Creations

“Since working with Sam we’ve grown from just me, a carpenter and an apprentice, and now there are 9 of us and we’ve also opened on the Sunshine Coast.”

Sheldon Powe-Hobbs

Sy Dolphin Electrical

“From the very first conversation with Sam I knew he was going to be able to teach us how to improve our business.”

Sy and Amber Dolphin

I’m serious about helping your business grow.