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One-On-One Strategy Session

Do you have a specific challenge that frustrates you and you’d like to resolve?

Being caught up in the everyday running of your business can make it difficult to focus on a specific area of your business which you know needs your attention.

In three easy sessions, Sam will help tackle your challenge and give you the advice you need, plus the steps to take, to get the results you desire.


You’ll be sent a short questionnaire that will give Sam a better understanding of you, your business and the challenge you are facing. This way Sam can be well prepared for your session together. 

Target Session

You’ll receive 60 minutes of personal guidance on your specific challenge. Following the meeting Sam will send additional customised business resources that will have determined to be of benefit to you and your business. 


One month later you’ll have a follow-up Skype session to check on progress and provide additional guidance and help where necessary.

Don’t put up with your frustrations any longer, call Sam today.

Only $995

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