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Get “It” Out of Your Head

People are busier than they have ever been before and most of the time are achieving less.  This results in feelings of overwhelm and stress.  When this happens, people loose focus on what is important.

Each week I am going to share one of my five top strategies to getting more done with less stress:

Productivity Hack 1 of 5 – Get It Out of Your Head

Take a couple of minutes and write down absolutely everything you need to do.  Everything.  Get it out of your head. 

Grade the list into A, B, C, D & E tasks.

  • A = Urgent and Important. Urgent means it needs to be done in the next 7 days, important means that there are serious consequences or great rewards for doing the task.
  • B = Important
  • C = Nice to Do
  • D = Tasks that can be Delegated
  • E = Eliminate

Prioritise the “A’s” into A1, A2, A3 etc. then the “B’s” and the “C’s” etc. Identify which tasks you can delegate and hey they may even be a few that you can eliminate.

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