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You Can Attract and Retain Talent For Your Business

To maximise business outcomes you need to have the right people, doing the right jobs at the right time.

You need to optimise your team and their performance.

Currently, there is a shortage of talent. There is a talent war!

To win the talent war you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors by showcasing your value as an employer and offering prospective employees the opportunity to be better off by working for you.

Recruitment can be a very expensive exercise in terms of money and time, especially if you end up with the wrong people on your team.

In this 4-week programme you will learn how to effectively recruit talent for your business. Now and into the future.

The Recruit Right Programme is made up of 4 modules and you will access the training through our online members portal.

Module One

Develop clear “Position Descriptions” and “Job Descriptions” to enhance your current teams performance and make sure you are recruiting for the right position that needs to be filled.

Topics covered:

  • 10 Questions To Ask Before You Recruit Your Next Employee – so you can build and optimise your team.
  • Organisational Structure Planner – having the right structure makes it easier to delegate and grow your business.
  • Effective Job Descriptions – clarity is power, knowing exactly what you need each person to do and achieve to be successful in their job.

Module Two

How to identify the right candidate with the right skills, attitude and behaviour, who will fit into your team. You will learn how to use behavioural profiling to identify and appeal to the right person.

Topics covered:

  • The Ideal Employee Avatar – this makes it easier to market to and appeal to the right person.
  • DISC Behavioural Profiling – to identify the right “type” of person for the job.
  • Defining your business unique “Culture” and Values – a great team member is someone who fits into your culture and way of doing things.

Module Three

Assess your profile as an employer of choice and leverage your strengths as a business to write a job advert that appeals to the right candidates.

Topics covered:

  • Employer Value Survey – truly understand your value proposition to a potential employee and what you can do to improve this.
  • Pay Rates & Bonuses – show your team how they can be rewarded when their behaviour, skills and outcomes align with your business goals.
  • Recruitment Agency’s – when and why it makes sense to use a recruitment agency and how to select the right one.
  • How to Write and Design a Job Advert – that show cases you as an employer of choice and attracts the best talent available in the market.
  • Employment Contracts – what your options are and where you can go to get these

Module Four

Design an interview process that makes it quicker and easier to identify the right person and get them up to speed and productive with a specific induction plan.

Topics covered:

  • Group Interviews or One on One Interviews – why, when and how to do these.
  • Interview Questions – by asking the right questions you can get meaningful answers which will help you identify the best candidates.
  • Reference Checks – what to ask and how.
  • Induction Plan – how to get your new recruit up to speed quickly.
This programme is ideal for business owners who want to build a strong, profitable business with great staff.

Sam would love to talk to you about this programme to explore if it is right for you.

Our Success Stories

Alkira Construction

“We’ve really gained a lot of confidence in making the right decisions in our business & doubled the team since working with Sam.”

John & Claire Alkira

Custom Bathroom Creations

“Since working with Sam we’ve grown from just me, a carpenter and an apprentice, and now there are 9 of us and we’ve also opened on the Sunshine Coast.”

Sheldon Powe-Hobbs

Sy Dolphin Electrical

“From the very first conversation with Sam I knew he was going to be able to teach us how to improve our business.”

Sy and Amber Dolphin

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