Ultimate Tradie Business Transformation Program

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Get off the tools, make more money, and win back your weekends.

Are you experiencing one or two of the following problems and frustrations:

  • Not getting enough of the right work through the door, making it difficult to grow and scale.
  • Working long hours and feeling overwhelmed by your work, your staff, and balancing your family life.
  • Not making enough money, feeling like money is going out as quickly as it comes in

Do you want to:

  • Attract High-Quality Jobs: Say goodbye to low-profit projects. We’ll show you how to magnetize high-value jobs that align with you and your team’s expertise.
  • Create a Work-Life Balance: Reclaim your time. Learn how to efficiently manage your business so it thrives, even when you’re not on the tools.
  • Increase Revenue and Boost Profits: We’re not just talking about increasing revenue; we’re talking about boosting your take-home profits.

Our methodology is simple.

200% ROI Guaranteed.

Here’s What Sets Us Apart:

  • Tailored for Tradies: We speak your language and understand the nuts and bolts of your business.
  • On-the-Ground Experience: Leverage our insights specific to the local market of Far North Queensland.
  • Local Network, Wide Support: Access a strong mix of local businesses and cross-trade expertise for all-around business support.

This is a specially crafted program for tradies ready to transform from hardworking technicians to successful entrepreneurs.

What You Get:

  1. Rapid Results Action Game Plan: Kickstart your journey with a personalized one-on-one session within the first 14 days to develop a custom “Rapid Results Action Game Plan,” tailored to your business goals.
  2. Massive Action Day Workshop Series: Join three immersive full-day workshops annually in February, June, and October, designed for in-depth strategy development and practical planning.
  3. Weekly Momentum Calls: Participate in dynamic weekly group calls for continuous learning, sharing insights, and getting real-time answers to your questions.
  4. Unlimited Resource Access: Gain full access to our exclusive members’ website, loaded with a comprehensive collection of templates, training videos, and resources for ongoing business support.
  5. ‘Quick Call’ Support: For urgent or sensitive issues, utilize our ‘Quick Call’ option for immediate, tailored guidance on specific business challenges.
  6. Focused One-on-One Coaching Calls: Schedule personalized coaching sessions for specific advice and discussions on unique business challenges or confidential matters.
  7. Monthly Group Accountability Pods: You have the option of joining a carefully selected group of up to four other members, ensuring a rich and collaborative coaching environment.
  8. Community of Proactive Leaders: Join our community where we fire each other up, embrace responsibility, celebrate wins, treasure expertise, cultivate positive environments, and recognize the power of collective genius.

Our “Double Up Guarantee”

  • Risk-Free Satisfaction: Not 100% thrilled within 30 days? Get a full, no-questions-asked refund.
  • 200% Return on Investment: We promise to double your coaching investment in profit within a year. If not, we coach for free until you do.

These programmes are a great option for people who get into the business as technicians and want to become skilled as an entrepreneur and build a strong, profitable business.

Bonus Offers Included!

Sign up now and unlock exclusive bonuses worth over $17,900, designed to skyrocket your business efficiency and profitability.

Plan on A Page

Simplify Success! Our online training condenses your 3-year vision, yearly goals, and weekly actions onto one powerhouse page. It’s your blueprint to brilliance.

Valued at $1,200

Markup, Margin Multiplier Cheat Sheet

Profit Secrets Revealed! This Cheat Sheet, valued at $995, isn’t just information; it’s your key to unlocking higher profits through savvy markup and margin strategies.

Valued at $500

Profitability Enhancement Calculator

Unlock Your Business’s Financial Potential! Use our revolutionary Profitability Enhancement Module to stop bleeding profits and skyrocket efficiency. Instantly see how tweaking hours, markups, and costs can massively boost your bottom line. It’s not just a tool; it’s your roadmap to a richer future!

Valued at $1,200

Digital Growth Blueprint Session

Double Your Inquiries, Save Your Time! In our exclusive session with a digital maestro, revamp your online strategy. SEO, Google Ads, website conversions – get a personalized growth checklist to dominate the digital world. This session is your key to digital domination.

Valued at $1,500

Pitch Perfection Power Session

Craft Your Impactful Perfect Pitch. Land Leads Like Never Before! Our pitch specialist will coach you to pitch perfection. Answer ‘What do you do?’ in a way that opens wallets. This session isn’t just coaching; it’s your lead magnet!”

Valued at $1,500

IT Infrastructure Defender Audit

Future-proof your IT infrastructure with the IT Infrastructure Defender Audit. IT and Cyber Security experts will conduct a sweeping review of your digital defenses, identifying vulnerabilities and delivering custom solutions to bolster your cybersecurity while ensuring your network is primed for growth. This external audit will reinforce your IT strategy, ensuring robust security and operational scalability.

Valued at $1,500

HR Strategy Synergiser

Elevate your HR practices through a detailed self-audit, access to the essentials in HR manuals and followed up with a HR one-hour expert consultation to discuss results or explore a chosen HR topic. Achieve an engaged, empowered, and effective team with insights and strategies tailored to your business needs.

Valued at $1,500

Bookkeeping Health Check

Master your books, and unlock the full potential of your financial management. Dive into a comprehensive review with a highly experienced and pragmatic bookkeeper who ensures every aspect of your accounting—from bank reconciliations to tax compliance—is optimized for accuracy and efficiency.

Valued at $1,500

High Converting Sales Roadmap

Sell Smarter, Not Harder! Get our Sales Roadmap Training, complete with scripts and marketing magic. Transform every prospect into profit, ensuring better rates and bigger wins.

Valued at $2,500

Show Me the Money Programme

A thirteen-week programme where we focus on how you can generate more sales, more profits, and more cashflow quickly in your business.

Valued at $2,500

Big Exit Accelerator Programme

Learn how you can unlock the hidden potential of your business and increase its attractiveness to your potential buyer so when you are ready you can sell your business for more money quicker.

Valued at $2,500

Bonus Total

Valued at $17,900